Friday, September 29, 2006

How to Paint the Servants of Nurgle: Death Guard

1. First prime your models in a black undercoat, or if you don’t have the $8 (about €12) paint them black manually (although I find the primer is more feasible and works much better).

2. After your black undercoat, apply a layer of catachan green over all the armour. After this paint the trim boltgun metal or chainmail (they both achieve the same effect).

3. Details on the model (boils, pus sacs, or ooze) can be painted either bleached bone or rotting flesh.

4. The main part of the armour (not the trim) will now need to be drybrushed in bleached bone. It looks better on the shoulderpads if this is done in a circular motion.

5. The pus sacs, etc. now need to be painted all over in scab red, leaving bleached bone in the recesses.

6. Any metal parts of guns, or special weapons now are drybrushed with brazen brass. Also, any metal parts of the trim or guns that are too shiny will now be inked in black ink (this step is not necessary if the metal parts were appropriately drybrushed).

7. The pus sacs, etc. are finished off with a drybrush of rotting flesh or bleached bone.

8. To complete the model, paint the base all over in scorched brown. Add rocks from packages (or even off the street) to the base. Patch areas of the base with random chunks of static grass.

A finished Death Guard Havoc w/ Meltagun

Monday, September 25, 2006

Riders of the Rohirrim

Greetings humies. As a semi experienced Lord of the Rings Player I wanted to do a couple of LOTR articles. The first of these is a painting a mounted Rohirim company.I always start my models with a black basecoat. After this I move onto the rider's cloak. This is always painted Dark Angels Green, however any shade of green should do. After finishing the cloaks I move onto the rider’s shirt. This I paint Blood Red as it produces quite a nice contrast. After this, I use mithril silver on the riders armour. Following the armour I paint the shaft of the riders spear, bow, or axe a dark brown, either Scorched Brown or Dark Flesh. The point, head, or blade of the weapon is then painted Boltgun Metal. The riders shin guards and gauntlets are also painted Boltgun Metal. The shield can be any color, but I use Blood Red with the design and Skull White and the center piece is painted Shining Gold. I then use Red Gore on the helmet and pull out the banding with Shining Gold. I finish the model off by painting the saddle Blood Red with a Dark Angels Green trim. The horse ranges from any shade of brown, grey, white or black. I base my units by painting Snot Green onto the top part of the base and then paint Dark Flesh onto the side.

A finished Rider of Rohan


Warboss Grimbang

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